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Ben De Vroey

Ben Vroey started as a gymnast, he quickly specialized in tumbling and trampoline in the gym club Gymnopedia Antwerp. In these disciplines, he earned several medals, including the highlight in 2002 Flemish champion tumbling. Ben graduated as regency physical education at the Charlemagne College Antwerp in 2007. Immediately afterwards he studied formation pedagogique at Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles. After this training he has taught one month in the circus school of Phare phonleu Selpak to Battangbang (Cambodia)
He then guided the transition of his own gymnastics club Gymnopedia to Ell Circo d'ell fuego. Ben is within ell Circo d'ell fuego part in the coordination and practical implementation of the circus school.

Ben is the creator of the production 'cheap clowns. This performance has been on several major festivals. After the first season, the show reworked with Alain Rinckhout director.
After the cheap clowns Ben and Joris Janssens (cheap clowns, ell Circo d'ell fuego) made a cabaret number on the bascule (the road to Klixbüll). This they have played both on the streets and in small cabarets and dinner shows.

In 2013, Ben Joris Janssens and Lars Senders (Latzi Jones) founded the street theater company 'Entre sonorous. The show 'Impact' directed by Louis Spagna having played 80 times in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France. In Belgium, the major festivals such as Theatre on the Market, Hasselt.

Louis van der Waal

Louis van der Waal graduated in 2003 with Herman Teirlinck Institute, option cabaret. After that, he was both active in the Netherlands and Flanders. Shortly after his studies he played in Flanders with several Toneelhuis productions such as "Death of a Salesman," "Hunting Camp", "Strindberg" and "Gollygosh no!", "Rumour" and "Wood". He made and played at Eisbär: "Always cry at endings" and "Collateral Damage".

Theater Antigone he appeared as an actor in "The Golden Boy", directed by Sarah Moermans with whom he worked a lot in the Netherlands in "Rose Tatoo, sick souls" (Veenfabriek), "Only in your world" (Production Rotterdam) "Darling your Free" (Generale East) and "There are people dying ...".
He played in the Netherlands, also in Theatre Branoul (The Hague), Lantaren / Window (Rotterdam) and the Hot Shop (Frascati / Hospital in Amsterdam), the North Dutch Theatre ( "Crash Ibsen") and Production Rotterdam ( "Figaro Desire Machine" ).

At Transparant he played with Josse De Pauw and Dirk Plunder Head in "Escorial".
He founded in 2007 with Kyoko Scholiers and Maarten Westra Hoekzema the company unm and makes the performances: "Bye bye Buchenwald" (2007), "Between Dog and Wolf" (for Summer of Antwerp 2009) and "The house that built us "(for Summer of Antwerp 2012).
At HETPALEIS he played in the youth show "Aleksej" and he plays in "Heksie". Until February 2014, he is seen as Hippolytus in "Phaedra" by Theatre South Pole. Van der Waal is also active as a singer with its own repertoire.

He's since 2015 permanent member of Moermans and sons in the Netherlands.
Louis worked with Mauro Pawlowski and Celine Telga founded the artists Fernnd.

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