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The great escape

(the show has been created without the help of grants)

Everything revolves around two characters: the escape artist (Ben the Vroey) and his assistant (Louis van der Waal). The interaction between the perfectionist and his casual sidekick creates dangerous and funny situations. The decor consists of a trailer, in which a tank is installed. Around the aquarium there is a metal frame that serves as a suspension bridge.

There will be seen three escape tricks during the show:

The escape from a straitjacket
The assistant places the escape artist in a straitjacket. Then he bound his legs together and lifts him upside down on the suspension bridge. The escape artist trying to break the escape record of Houdini, which timed is a large clock.

The escape from chains during a backflip (pushed from a bascule)
This escape has never been done before. The escape artist is chained with the hands on the back and the chain completely wrapped around his body. Then the assistent pushes him of the teeterboard. During the backflip that follows he frees himself. When he lands his handcuffs and chain loose.

The escape from the tank (based on the Chinese water torture cell of Harry Houdini)
Many people think that Houdini died hours performing this trick. Nothing is less true. The great escape artist died of internal bleeding after collecting a blow in the stomach. This escape is in itself is not so dangerous to carry out, but it will ensure the necessary tension to the public.

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